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Teen Tuesday

As a reader you probably get very bored time to time with some of the posts and articles that you read. I can tell you that as a writer there are things we write that are just as boring. I am at such a point. I am tired of rewriting news articles about some aspects…

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Twins, The New Accessory for Celebs

     A few years ago the numbers of twins in the USA numbered about 32 in 1000 live births. I don’t have any family members, friends, or even neighbors that have twins. So please forgive me when I hear of another celeb who is having or has just had twins. The latest is Sarah Jessica…

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Dennis Quaid Goes To Congress

     Dennis Quaid spoke to Congress about the incident which almost cost him his baby twins lives. Quaid is suing Baxter because the labels on the drug Heparin for low and high dosages looked very much the same which led to the overdose given his babies. Baxter was aware of the problem and was fixing…

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