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Health Care For America Now!

has started a nationwide 40 million dollar campaign to begin a coalition for change in our health care system. They hope to be able to pressure lawmakers and insurance companies to hold them accountable and fill in the present gaps in our system. They want to change policies that affect people who are denied coverage…

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England Strikes Again

I thought it was bad enough that the English didn’t want to treat the elderly but now I am reading that they don’t want to treat the sick and dying. A man was dying of a brain disease, his doctors did not want to give him basic life support. I am talking about nutrition and…

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Welcome to Medcare Forum!

Medcare Forum is a new weblog covering healthcare issues in the United States. We’ll be tackling the tough issues of Universal Health Care, elderly care, baby boomers, and importantly enough … how to pay for it all. is another weblog brought to you by Niner Niner – your walkie-talkie to the world. Niner Niner…

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