Heparin Contamination Not Accidental

     It has become clear that the contamination of the drug Heparin was deliberate. It is also clear that our friends in China where the contamination took place, are not going to allow us to get to the bottom of exactly who did it. China says that they want the right to inspect our drug factories if we expect to be able to inspect theirs. Huh? The Chinese are way out of line on this and as a country whose people are supposed to be so honorable, seem to throw out that honor when money is involved. You see while heparin costs $900 a pound, the contaminant costs only$9.00 a pound. You do the math.

The US is not the only country that was affected by this contamination so I am anxious to see what action other countries will take against this company in China. I also wonder how far the Chinese government will go to protect guilty parties.

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