Nail Care Recommendations

Professional manicures are gaining in popularity but dermatologists advise caution. Overly aggressive nail care, artificial nails or unsanitary conditions increase the chance for an infection (bacterial or fungal) or for an allergic-type skin reaction. Manicures and nail problems don’t necessarily go hand in hand. But to reduce risk, remember these nail tips:
*Avoid too frequent manicures- Two or three manicures a year may reduce potential damage. Between manicures, don’t apply or remove polish more than twice a month. Repair chipped surfaces by reapplying polish without removing it. When you remove polish without removing it. When you remove polish, use an acetone=free solution and then moisturize your nails.
*Don’t allow your cuticles to be cut- Damaged cuticles remove your nails’ protective barrier against fungi, bacteria or damage from harsh chemicals.
*Be careful when cleaning under your nail tip- Cleaning debris from under your nail tip too vigorously may create space that allows yeast, fungi and, sometimes, bacteria to grow.

If you wear Artificial Nails
Sanitation is important- Your manicurist should disinfect and dry (dehydrate) the surface of your nail. By keeping air out, artificial nails prevent the nail bed from sweating. Moisture trapped beneath artificial nails creates an ideal environment for fungi to grow. Choose salons that use disinfectants and equipment such as dry-heat sterilizers and autoclave machines.

Know your sensitivities- The adhesive that’s often used to secure nails and tips can cause allergic reactions in some sensitive people.

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